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Miranda de Ebro is situated at the extreme northeast of Castilla y León, in the province of Burgos. It borders with important Autonomous Regions such as the Basque Country and La Rioja. Miranda is a crossroads of motorways, trunk roads and railways and has a well-developed communications network. It has been considered a city since 1907 and furthermore has a population of around 40,000 inhabitants. It is a cosmopolitan and industrial municipality that has the second largest population in the province of Burgos, second only to the provincial capital itself.

Our fantastic location means that we are the starting point for any journey to places of great interest around the country whether for work-related reasons or for tourism.
Miranda de Ebro and los montes Obarenes

Miranda de Ebro and los montes Obarenes

30 Km .

Miranda de Ebro. It hides a notable and somewhat undiscovered artistic and historic legacy outstanding among which is “El Puente de Carlos III” , a bridge built in the 18 C. by Charles III, the churches of “Santa María de Altamira” and “San Nicolas” , and two stately homes, “La Casa de las Cadenas” and “La Casa de los Urbina” .

Los Montes Obarenes form spectacular gorges and are covered by thick forests that are the backdrop to a land teeming with archaeological remains and beautiful examples of religious architecture.


Distance: 120 km

Burgos a crossroads on the Camino de Santiago is the City whose hospitality is second to none. It is worth highlighting its fantastic gothic cathedral, the monastery of las Huelgas, the Carthusian monastery of Miraflores, the “Arco de Santa María” or Arch of Saint Mary , the Castle from which there are excellent views over the city, and many other points of interest.

La Ribera del Arlanza . stretches out from the medieval city of Lerma , whose walls encircle convents, churches and stately homes, to Covarrubias , which was founded in the 10th C. and prospered as a city under the rule of Doña Urraca , and which is notable for its popular medieval architecture.
Frias and El Valle de Torbalina

Frias and El Valle de Torbalina

40 Km.

Frias is one of the best known locations in Burgos and is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Spain.

El Valle de Tobalina , is scattered with villages proudly displaying their traditional architecture, notably Oña.
La Rioja and the Wine

La Rioja and the Wine

Distance: 30 Km.

Briones lies 26 km from Miranda , where we may visit the Vivanco Dynasty , appreciate their winemaking, barrels, bottles, transport etc.

Haro at 20 km from Miranda is perhaps the most important village in the wine-making region of La Rioja, having a great many bodegas or wine cellars that may be visited and a significant number of tourist attractions.


Distance: 40 Km .

The Monasteries of Suso and Yuso in San Millán de la Cogolla are unique cultural attractions that together have been declared a World Heritage Monument. They conserve the earliest texts in Castilian Spanish.

Santo Domingo de la Calzada is another important site in La Rioja, where a cock and hen live together in its Cathedral, in remembrance of a miracle that took place there.
The culture of Rioja Baja

The culture of Rioja Baja

Distance: 140 Km.

The Capital of Rioja Baja is Calahorra , a Roman city of great importance. From Calahorra we move on to Alfaro , where the largest colony of white storks is found in Europe. A visit to the Sotos del Ebro Nature Reserve is an absolute must.
Other interesting tourist routes

Other interesting tourist routes

Los Desfiladeros del Ebro. Distance: 30 Km.
La Ruta del Buen Conde. Distance: 100 Km.
Bilbao y el Museo Guggenheim. Distance: 75 Km.
Vitoria, la Ciudad Neoclásica. Distance: 35 Km.
Logroño, Capital de La Rioja. Distance: 65 Km.
Medina de Pomar, Merindad de Cuesta Urria y Trespaderne. Distance: 90 Km.
Atapuerca. Distance: 70 Km.
San Sebastián, una Ciudad en Movimiento. Distance: 145 Km.
La Sierra Riojana. Distance: 100 Km.
Ruta Señorial. Distance: 50 Km.
Pamplona, Estella y el Monasterio de Irache. Distance: 130 Km.